Who Are the Bead People?

People fear what they do not know. By developing the Bead People as an international sign of peace and celebration of our differences, we open a conversation that lets us into the lives of others.

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Washaka–the Bear Dreamer, a novel excerpt

When a man’s body is raised high on a scaffold and burned, skin and hair and bone blacken, crumble, and become ash. The ash is lifted, carried by wind high above the earth and scattered.

I am ash now.

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The Writing Girl

Once upon a time there was a little girl growing up in Blueberry Country where the swamps breathe, and the trees stand like soldiers, and everywhere there are jeweled lakes. The land is so beautiful it forces her to learn language so she can speak of this beauty. By seeing she becomes intimate with tiny, white spiders on a wild rose. By hearing she learns to sing a song of wolves and birds.

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