Self-appreciating is More Than Just Not Beating Yourself Bloody With a Very Big Stick

As part of my goal to learn new things about myself and others this year, I’ve been watching a lot of films online, reading blogs, and finding new research and authors to study. I like it. It feels fresh. The moment I fool myself into thinking I know it all is the moment I should quit teaching.

The first great prize I’ve gotten so far this year I wrote about in my post, “The Courage to Risk Loving.” The second is this. I struggle with self-appreciation or self-confidence.

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How Old are You? Or Becoming Your own White Knight, Part One

How old are you? I must have asked that question to hundreds of clients and workshop participants. When I ask that question, I’m usually trying to decide if the person I’m working with is staying their right age—or if they have drifted and become a much younger version of the self.

Here is the premise. The brain keeps painful moments from earlier ages very present. It is a simple warning mechanismthat tells us to pay attention—a threat is nearby.

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Flow is Cool

I love having one of those experiences of pure synchronicity and flow. Today I was scribbling in my favorite St. Paul coffee shop. I had just finished two related pieces I was working on, one about “staying our right age” and one about learning to self-appreciation. I was excited about the second piece in particular because I finally saw that I could go back and not only heal the old wounds, but I could also go back and let all of those younger parts of me know how I appreciate their tenacity and hard work.

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