What is Your Virtual Question?

Yesterday we were driving back from Lincoln, NE after a week of babysitting grandkids. We always have good talks on a road trip. This time we got into a discussion about our “life themes” and how they show up again and again in the things we do. A theme is a basic core structure, and we all seem to have one whether we recognize it or not.

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Be the Stranger

The other day I was at the Cabin Coffeehouse in Bemidji.  I met a new friend for the first time and was jazzed about all that we had in common.  Just as I was getting ready to leave, I saw … Continue reading

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You are Invited To Help Create World Peace!

The Bead People International kindly request your presence at the making of a new world where people celebrate their differences instead of fighting over them. To attend this event, you are asked to check your coat and the following items … Continue reading

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