Ten Tips to Keep From Tipping Over

When newborn infants are not gaining strength, we sometimes use the term “failure to thrive.” I’ve never heard the same words used with adults but, in my many years of working with people, I think the critical issue is the same. We suffer from the inability to gain personal strength–a failure to thrive. This month I promised you ten tips to gaining strength as an adult. Rather than pitch and preach, I think I’ll recount my own ten most critical moments and then distill out the “tip.”

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Within Hearing Distance (for mom)

“If you clean even a single fish, they’ll be bringing you all kinds of dead things to clean and dress.” Mom
I got married at St. Charles Catholic Church in Cass Lake in 1977. On the day before my wedding, mom took me aside and said she wanted to give me a bit of advice—the same advice that her mother had given on her wedding day. I was nervous about getting married—one week earlier I had graduated from college. It felt like life was moving a little too fast. “What is it, Mom?”

She smiled, this brave woman who had birthed eight children and was now marrying off her third daughter. “When I married your dad, my mother told me this on my wedding day. Don’t clean any fish.”

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The Bead People on the Go Go

Today we did something that I consider brave and out of the ordinary for me. We’ve been creating a fundraiser for The Bead People on a site called Indie Go Go.   It requires that we directly ask people to … Continue reading

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