The Ceremonial Moment

Tonight at 10:00 Milt and I plan to turn of the television and go to bed. I know that doesn’t sound like big news, but it will be, for us, a return to something we used to do but have neglected—a bedtime ritual.

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How Old are You? Or Becoming Your own White Knight, Part One

How old are you? I must have asked that question to hundreds of clients and workshop participants. When I ask that question, I’m usually trying to decide if the person I’m working with is staying their right age—or if they have drifted and become a much younger version of the self.

Here is the premise. The brain keeps painful moments from earlier ages very present. It is a simple warning mechanismthat tells us to pay attention—a threat is nearby.

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Coming into View of the Self

My goal has been to bring you both new and old (but useful) writings here. Over the past few days I have been doing my personal inventory for the New Year. It is a bit late, but then so are the Christmas Cards that didn’t go out this year. Anyway, here is a question that keeps rolling around in my head? What am I doing here? I thought the question applied only . . .

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