Honoring the Creative After a So So Week

My head is tired of thinking. It really wants to just sink into some beautiful dandelion fluff and float off on the first breeze. I am longing for art, beauty, substance, soul. I can only stand to think strategy, planning, to-do and not-to-do lists for so long before the sweet child in me rises up and says, “But what about me?”

How I love that child. It hurts me to have her sitting in a corner, face to the wall, while “Mommy” works.

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The Courage to Risk Loving

The Six Human Needs

Certainty (safety)
(The last two represent spiritual needs and all needs create a different meaning. We should find the meaning.)

Those are the notes I made the other night as I was watching an online film of Tony Robbins and Cloe Mandanes. It is taken from what Robbins called “Human Needs Psychology.” Robbins is a well-known personal change coach who, like me, used NLP to get good at reading other people.

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The Circle is Unbroken

Just before Christmas, a young client of mine came in for a session and brought me a beautiful beaded Christmas tree ornament. I was so excited about it that she offered to show me how to make one. “I have the stuff in my car,” she said. She did know that I had my own private stash of beads tucked unceremoniously away waiting for the time when I could take up what seemed like such a frivolous hobby. I love beads

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