A Sacred Blue Bird Above My Window

Beer Bottle Window

I am feeling slightly schizophrenic these days.  I go from working on scripts for the programs on the 1862 Dakota war (public radio) to mudding, to clearing, to gardening.   As odd as it sounds, I am in heaven.  Tonight we built a small fire and made s’more’s.  Lorna (our daughter) has been here the past week helping out with various tasks, and we’ve gotten so much done.  I mentioned to her my tendency to do tasks a bit like a puppy crossing a yard.  I stop here, go there, jump back.  But by the end of the day we had accomplished so much—it felt good.

Sunday was especially fun.  We had finished the script for the hour long documentary, recorded the narration with Murray who came all the way from Rapid City to do this narration.  He is Milt’s son—my stepson.  We got the recording done early and then took a break for the rest of the day.

One of the long awaited projects we have wanted to do was get ready to put colored bottles above our sink and cob them in.  I wanted blue so we cut a bunch of Bud Platinum blue beer bottles and one Sky Vodka.  (No, we didn’t drink it all thanks to recycling bins), but we did have to stop once and drink a beer because we were short three bottles.)

Anyway, Lorna and I flattened out my sand pile so we could play with design.  One design looked like a fish, one looked like a mess, and one looked like a beautiful blue bird with wings aloft.  Naturally, we chose the bird.  Then Milt cut a template/holder out of pink foam insulation (3 layers for insulation value), while Lorna and I cut all the bottles and then connected two bottles to each other using PVC pipe.  This made long tubes with blue ends.  Very cool.  Then we shoved the bottles into the newly cut template and hoisted it above our window.  Suddenly I had this glowing blue bird flying above my window.  Wow.

Now I have to mix cob (mud/sand/straw mixture, very thick) and cob it in.  Then I will blend it with the finish coat of the walls and it will look like it really belongs there.

Like I said, especially fun.  I’ll take a picture and post it with this.

A couple of weeks ago after our straw bale workshop, I wrote about the value of community and having help and working together.  This was what made Sunday especially sweet.  We were working together on a sunny, beautiful day to accomplish something that was nothing short of art.

Just a note–I’ll probably be posting a lot about our house this summer since that is my focus.  Japanese trowels, finish coat plaster, rocks embedded in mud behind my fireplace.  Hope you enjoy this little journey into home as art with me.  As always, subscribe below or send to friends you think might be interested.




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A Sacred Blue Bird Above My Window — 8 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to cob it in- just got to do a mix-down and then put a couple of hangers in between the bottles to hold the weight of the cob. Yes, it’s really been great having Lorna here – such a treat – especially the extra hands.

  2. I love the Bluebird design Jamie.I want to share the words that are included on the Blue Bird of Happiness card, taken from a set of cards entitled, The Healing Power of the Bird Kingdom.

    “This little blue bird really represents the essence of what the bird kingdom as a whole offers us as a human family. We all know the lift of the heart that the arrival of a bird – any bird – can give us when we are feeling down. The birds carry different vibrations, but essentially they bear the same message: We are all One.”

    Thank you for sharing your “lifting of the heart” experience. Your blue bottle bird could represent the soul breaking through the personality and reinding us that we are entitled to joy. Happiness is a great healer. It is a place in our hearts where we know God.

    • Thanks for the beautiful words, Maggie. I still treasure the hummingbird card you made for me. Hope you and your niece get a chance to stop in. Great progress is being made both with the show and the house. J

  3. Very nice window element. Fun and fancy. And unique. I really like it. I don’t know about being eager to “cob it in” though. I’ll let you have that joy. I am so glad to read that you are having a good and progress-filled summer.

    • Hi Rick,
      Thanks for leaving a note. Cobbing it in will be the fun part. I feel like I am finally moving in–cupboards, window and wall finishing, great stuff. Thanks to you also for your regular posts. I’m thinking about you and appreciate your willingness to share your difficult experiences. Missed Barb’s birthday–but thinking of both of you. Happy birthday Sis.

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