A short post after a long journey . . .


I feel a hundred miles away from myself tonight.  It is nearly eleven in one more hotel in Plymouth, MN.  We did an evening of constellation work tonight and saw the depth of connection that comes with this work once again.

So why am I feeling so disconnected?

Traveling does that to me.  While we were in Rapid City, I took my time-outs in a favorite park sitting on the grass building Bead People.  I had taken a small box of beads with me but as the pile of Bead People grew, the bead supply grew slim.  It seemed like the world was swirling around me, but all I could see was the color and shape of the beads.  We saw family, ate too much, did two days of workshop, fretted about whether our unsold house was a burden or a wise investment—and in the middle of it all I sat on the grass with beads.  In the sun.

I am so amazed both at how simple human beings are and how complex.  When I am facilitating a constellation, it seems like I can hear the generations echoing through the person in front of me.  They suffered, the survived, they celebrated—and they made the next generation.   On the grass with the sun touching my head and shoulders, it is just one more moment in many moments of a single life.  Nothing else seems to matter.

I think that is all there is to say.  Just live life with a little glow.

I can’t wait to see my garden and my house tomorrow.  Everybody on FB is counting mosquito fatalities.  That is a definite plus in SD—no ticks and no mosquitoes.

Good night, my friends.




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A short post after a long journey . . . — 1 Comment

  1. Yes, like you I see how complex and how simple human beings are.
    We are all so different and yet similar.

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