A Stronger Voice . . . a Greater Reach

I sat down to write a post tonight and watched a sentence appear on the screen only to click backspace and watch it disappear again.  Five times.  Talk about my workshop yesterday.  Talk about how I’d like to change the world but am a little tired today.  Talk about plants (been there, done that).  Talk about a wounded man in a boat.

Sometimes I’m just not sure where my head is.  I feel like a fisherman with his line dropped into dark waters, just waiting to see what the catch of the day will be.

What do I know today?  Winter just will not end.  The violence continues.  My heart is still beating.  I’m going to be a great grandmother.  I feel the urgency of all the many goals of life the same way I did when I was nineteen.  I’m 59.

I recently realized that all of the people working to raise consciousness, bring peace, preserve our beautiful Mother Earth are just not speaking with loud enough voices.  We are working from the heart and spirit . . . too polite to make waves, too introspective to activate real change.  You can find a thousand paths to lose weight, make more money, organize clutter, get on the fast track, but who is helping the change makers make change?

A few weeks ago when I was getting ready to offer a first workshop at The Many Kites Center, I was thinking about the hundreds—even thousands—of people who have sat with me in a day-long or longer workshop considering how we create thought, how we stand stronger, how we ease disturbances in the family of origin.  I was struck by the sheer numbers of people seeing to find a stronger place in their lives and in the world.

Maybe we are spending too much time preparing for life and not enough time doing life.

I simply can’t stand that while we have been politely preparing for life we have made such a mess of ourselves socially, environmentally, spiritually.  I feel like that frog who is sitting in the cooking pot as the water heats up.

I simply don’t know what to do about it.

blah blah blah bullshit, blah, blah, blah, bullshit.

I’m in a strange space tonight.  Frustrated by a mighty energy but unsure of where to direct the steam.

Maybe we should start getting pissed off.

Talking back.

Taking action.

Maybe there is no maybe left.

Just do it.

I remember seeing a Ziggy cartoon.  He was sitting in an easy chair with dreamy bubbles of thought above him.  “I could be an airplane pilot.  I could be a doctor.  I could be a famous inventor . . . if I could only get out of this chair.”

(The image is of a building on the campus of the Sisseton/Whapeton Tribal College.  Very cool.)

As always, share, care, subscribe below.

That’s how I feel tonight. But on a more positive note . . . I can’t wait for Chapter Two with our little workshop group. We are mobilizing for change.


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A Stronger Voice . . . a Greater Reach — 8 Comments

  1. Dearest Jamie, I know the frustration you are feeling.
    I have been working with a community of women who are out to change the world for the better through the heart while at the same time lifting ourselves out of the space of having played small and into greatness.
    The group is the vision of Ellie Drake who knows that women collaborating together can truly make a difference.
    If you are interested you can go to their website and check out some of what they do – one breath at a time.
    I will also send a link to a webinar that Ellie is putting out as a promo for a new series – Quantum Journey.
    The style may be a little different for you but I have had so many amazing synchronistic changes happening in my life since I did their training in January.
    Similar to constellation work – and different.
    Sending huge Hugs and thanks for all the wonderful work you do and just cos you are you.

  2. Jamie,
    Your words feel like the passion of many flames reaching higher together and combusting into action. The fire that we feel today can either be the fire of anger or compassion. Of course those of us burning in our hearts, are flames of compassion. Thank you for your spurt of energy taking us into the blue heat of compassion and response to our fires. I am going to visit the food shelves today as a response to action toward my compassion for those who are homeless and in poverty.
    An aside:
    Maybe all of our heat will have some effect on the piles of sleeping white giants in the yard.

  3. The world is shifting. Shifting is not always pretty or easy.
    The sun will come out tomorrow and start to melt the snow that is falling today.
    Love you always.

    • Hi Bess,

      I always love your comments. I look forward to seeing what you and your gang put together. When shifts come, we shift right along with it all. I’ll be back to RC in June. I’d like to invite you and Kathy to be my guests at whatever part of my workshops you would like to attend. I’ll let P know I extended the offer. You have both been such a wonderful part of my journey–I appreciate you and love you both.

    • Hi Heidi,

      It is so great when suddenly a voice from the past chimes in. Thanks for taking a moment to check in and send me good thoughts. Hope you are doing well!

  4. I have felt that sense of urgency of “saving the world” my entire life, that you are talking about. And I’ve been asking myself why the world is the way it is in the first place. The way I answer that question now is that for generations, millenia really, in our lineage, we have been separated (in our conscious minds) from the divine dimension, and not been allowing our emotions to flow (those two things are connected…)

    I’ve been doing mostly internal “invisible” metabolizing of old grief and loneliness and pain of separation from myself and others, for the past 5 years. Without metabolizing the old stuff it just ricochets around inside me and between me and others. The internal work is essential to changing the external world. It may not look like anything is happening, but it is the only thing that will really create a world that looks different in the future…

    External work and internal work are not mutually exclusive, of course, but the internal work is often disregarded as having value. I think, in fact, that this ignoring of the internal metabolizing IS WHY we have so much external mess.

    Well, I reckon you understand what I’m talking about. I believe things ARE changing, though it’s hard to see when you look around and listen to the news…

    Blessings to you,
    Lorna K.

    • Hi Lorna,

      I see from your posts that you must be going through some major transitions in life. How difficult and yet so much to learn from it all. Take heart, my dear. I hope someday we do get to have that cup of coffee or tea together.

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