Approaching the Throne of the Creative

Ek Balam--Mayan Ruins in the Yukatan

It feels like months since I have touched down and wrote a blog post.  In fact, it has been a couple of weeks.  We’ve been on the move from Minnesota to Mexico to South Dakota.  A few more days here, and we head for home.  The good news is that we have missed a month of winter.  I am already dreaming of spring, and soil, and gardens, and mud.  My body wants to move and stretch.  My mind wants to move and stretch.

I seem to get into some kind of zombie travel zone when weeks go by of non-ordinary routines and places.  I can’t say that the zone is unpleasant—more like being asleep or being in the moment, not sure which.  The one very positive thing is the freshness of returning and the willingness to review what I want to do next.

The only thing that is clear to me is that I yearn to get back to some kind of creative writing.  The swirl of words and images coming together on the page is essential to growing my spirit.  It has been a long time.  This past weekend I taught two days of workshops.   On the first day I could hear in the opening circle the deep desire we all have to create—and the common fear we have of approaching that creative space.  We will get it wrong, do it badly, sell ourselves short, discover no talent or capacity for creating.  There are so many logical reasons to avoid entering the creative space.  I talked for a while about our universal fear of “approaching the throne of the creative” and my coordinator, Peg, suggested we name the next workshop that.

But a lot of things happen when we approach the throne of the creative.  We come on our knees.  We come with blank minds and restless fingers.  We come carrying our old baggage, singing our old tunes.   We come fearing disappointment–or worse–death.  We come like beggars to a banquet.

It has been so long since I sat alone with a blank page, the whisper of a story floating somewhere in the back of my mind, that I am afraid I will no longer be able to do it.  And then what would become of me?  Is the rest of my life to be only about do lists and done lists and still to get done lists?  I hate that idea.  I need juice.  The yogis call it “rasa.”  It is the creative energy of life itself, I think.

I need a shot of rasa.  I need that more than you need one more blog post from me.  So, let’s make a deal.  During the next week, let’s all create something—a soothing space, a painting, a story, a sculpture, a song, a dance, a vision, a dream, a new way of walking—anything.  Just let’s create.  Then let me know what you have created.

One of the things I learned is that there is not enough therapy or tools or techniques in the known universe to overcome the fear of first sitting your butt down in a chair and beginning.  Just begin.

Just begin.  My promise is that by this time next week I will post something wild and fictional that has never appeared anywhere ever before.   I had an idea of a young boy who visits old ruins and suddenly becomes a part of their story.  There, I committed myself.

See you next week.  (I’ll be home at last.)

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Approaching the Throne of the Creative — 3 Comments

  1. The Grouse that Hit My House
    by Dr. Spruce .
    . .
    It happened one day . .
    First a Bam!!!! then a Bounce
    I looked out my window and not far away
    I saw two grouse that hit my house
    It was my lucky day!

    It was my lucky day!
    My first real snowy school delay
    You ask, ” What did I do? ”
    Of course, I made a two grouse stew
    Not one but two, a two grouse stew.

    On my way to school, starting 2 hours late,
    I thought about the poor bird’s fate.
    But, I smiled when I thought of the joy it brought
    To all of the people who share this pot
    of yummy for the tummy two grouse stew

    Not one but two. A two grouse stew.

    Hi Jamie,
    This is from a true tale that happened to me this morning when my son in law brought me grouse soup, hoping it would help ease my influenza. He told me the story of the grouse hitting the house and I couldn’t resist. Thanks for this great invitation. I think I will keep trying.

    • Hi Maggie. I loved your contribution so much I placed it on the home page and added a bit. Check it out. Somebody else added more (see comments). Hope you are having fun owl hunting.

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