As Above, so Below

I’ll say it as straight as I can say it.  Humans have made a mess of things.  We have used our intellect and our brilliance to burn up what is closest to us instead of caring for it with love and generosity.

Today we went to a Cinco de Mayo party that was held on 5/5 at 5:00.  That is a lot of fives.  We had  good Mexican food Bemidji style–with brownies.  During the party I met a nice woman, and we were chatting about what we do and how we do it.  She is a stay-at-home-mom, and I am struck by how those words are used today to define our role as a woman.  Early on, most moms stayed at home and cared for the children.  It was the way society worked back then.  The family was an intact circle and in the most protected center of that circle were the mothers and infants.  I found myself talking about constellation work and the core of the family–how we all have a specific place within the ancestral line and that that place must be held and honored.  The more we talked the more passionate I got.  I told her that like the stars above, each star hold its own place in the heavens and each of us hold a specific place within the family circle.

And earlier this week we drove outside of Bemidji to meet a woman who is an environmental scientist.  Diana knows so much about our environment–and what is happening to our beloved earth–that I don’t know how she gets up every morning with her beautiful smile and walks through the day.  She cut dried lemon grass that she grew out on her land and brewed us a pot of tea.  Her house has a bank of south windows and outside you can see two large solar panel arrays.  I came to see her cold frame and how it is constructed, but over a cup of tea we got to know her.  She had retired two days earlier and was making plans for the many ways she wanted to fill her time from here on out.

As we talked I said to her, “The passion you feel about creating a more sustainable world is exactly the passion I feel about creating stronger families. I think the core structure of the family is in serious trouble and this will play out in ways we cannot even begin to imagine.  It’s like global warming only happening in the human psyche.”

This whole line of thinking makes me think of an old Lakota teaching I heard once that says, “As above, so below.”  The Lakota star map indicates relationships between the stars and specific points on the earth.  They believe that whatever happens on earth is mirrored in the heavens and whatever happens in the heavens is mirrored on earth.  Once again, it is all connected.  I could also imagine that what happens in the human psyche is being mirrored both on earth and in the heavens.

We are in relationship with so many people and places and things both seen and unseen.  In one sense it is a tangled up mess and in another sense it really is a perfect constellation—or a perfect storm.  Some of you (like Diana, and Paul and Lynn) are devoting all of your energies to taking corrective measures immediately with the way we treat our resources.  Me, I am devoting my energies to taking corrective measures for a skewed human development—to reconnect heart and mind.  I have learned that by working with internal systems of the psyche that we can fill in the blanks and become conscious, intentional, and whole.  This seems like a critical thing in order for our species to go forward and make the right choices.

Here is a single tip for the day.  Sometime in the next day or week, use sweetheart words with children around you (or children who happen to occupy adult bodies).  Darling, dearest, precious, honey, my girl, my boy, my darling, my heart . . .   Use them intentionally and in the right moment when it has a chance to go in and reach their spirit.  Marie Randall, a Lakota Elder says that when we use these words a spirit that has flown off to explore or gotten lost will come back to you.

Sometimes the feeling that it is all beyond us is so great that we can’t think of a single thing to do to fix it.  Try this one thing.  Maybe if we call all of those spirits back, we can get something done.

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As Above, so Below — 5 Comments

  1. What a beautiful, passionate, heartfelt reflection. What I find amazing is that we humans have messed things up AND we humans are trying to change things for the better. In the end, I think the best we can do is try, and try, and keep trying.

    • It is what we do–try, try, and keep trying. When enough of us are doing that, transformation will be at hand so we should never think our small actions don’t count. I sent you One Drum. Later!

  2. As always Jamie, I am deply touched by your words.
    I woke up early this morning – thinking about the earth and the people and thought what simple thing can I do, and I am going to plant seeds.
    Plant real seeds and plant seeds of love in family connections.
    I renewed my wonder of Family Soul work again yesterday doing a phone constellation and feeling how amazing is this work for the planet right now.
    So yes, doing the little and best I can – planting seeds.

    • Hi Helena,

      Yes, planting seeds. We have had such a lingering winter that I very literally am wanting to plant my seeds. I love my gardens, both the physical ones and the creative/spiritual ones. I sure miss you, my girl. Next week I’ll be doing some constellation work in Minneapolis–looking forward to it.

  3. Jamie,
    Thanks for the reminder to use sweetheart words. I am going to work hard to use them in my self talk as well as with others. I find it a lot easier to tell others.
    Have a wonderful time with your grandchildren. You will have lots of practice using powerful love words.

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