About Jamie

I am an author, educator and training consultant. I love working with others to craft a life that they can consider "No Ordinary Life."

How to keep your heart from stopping

Tonight we went to see The Shack. There were many things I liked about the film, and some things I didn’t care for—but this is not a movie review. I’ve been working the Heart Math techniques I mentioned in my … Continue reading

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I Could Kiss Myself

Yesterday I was watching small streams of water flow into small lakes beneath the snow.  I walked across a parking lot at full stride, a sign that my injured feet were returning to full strength.  I was thinking of putting … Continue reading

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Hold Fast to Dreams . . . or not

I remember when I was in 10th grade we were assigned an English project to create a poetry book of our favorite poems.  I’ve never really been into poetry—but I like words and some words come together in a cool … Continue reading

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