Life, birth, death

Yesterday I got a call from my daughter. She thought she was in labor—but couldn’t be sure. I had agreed to come and take care of her nearly 3-year old son, Kaden during the at home water birth. I had planned to head to Lincoln, NE in a day or two anyway, so I packed my things and headed down the road about 2:30 in the afternoon from St. Paul.

The sun was out and all around the January snow was blindingly white.

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Coming into View of the Self

My goal has been to bring you both new and old (but useful) writings here. Over the past few days I have been doing my personal inventory for the New Year. It is a bit late, but then so are the Christmas Cards that didn’t go out this year. Anyway, here is a question that keeps rolling around in my head? What am I doing here? I thought the question applied only . . .

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No Ordinary Life

I should write a bit about why I chose to call my blog “No Ordinary Life.” For some odd reason my mind offers up bits of songs when I am in certain moods. For many years a common refrain was, “It’s a strange, strange world we live in, Master Jack. No hard feelings if I never come back.” It would pop into my head when I was trying to understand some odd bit of human behavior.

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