Virginia and I–and a room of one’s own

I am supposed to be working on a grant request for the MN Arts board, but I came across this earlier essay that I wrote while applying for a grant from A Room of One’s Own–the title of an early Virginia Wolf book. I decided to post it here. It has a lot of sincerity.

Virginia and I

Funny, I sit here and stare at the grant guidelines like a school girl, wondering what the teacher wants to hear, wondering what the words mean to me, wondering about the decades that separate a north woods girl from Minnesota from Virginia Woolf, an educated woman

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Flow is Cool

I love having one of those experiences of pure synchronicity and flow. Today I was scribbling in my favorite St. Paul coffee shop. I had just finished two related pieces I was working on, one about “staying our right age” and one about learning to self-appreciation. I was excited about the second piece in particular because I finally saw that I could go back and not only heal the old wounds, but I could also go back and let all of those younger parts of me know how I appreciate their tenacity and hard work.

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When Stars Can’t Shine . . .

Today we had friends over for a bit of chanting and meditation. As I was sitting in that age-old posture, I kept thinking about the rest of my life. I want it to be both meaningful and free of stress. Just being. Last week I went for a drive in the Black Hills to give an hour-long presentation to a facility that “houses” young people in need. The facility is part lock-up, part treatment, and part . . .

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