A Good Soft Blanket, a short story

Once a long time ago I was playing with words and wondered if you can have a “down” comforter, could there be such a thing as an “up” comforter.  This came out of that bit of play.  I am posting … Continue reading

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Can you hear me?

Once again I am trying to resolve the issue of subscribers not getting my weekly post. I’ve made a change (something called rss to email) so I am adding a short little post to see if it works. This is … Continue reading

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What are You Sinking About?

Milt and I had a nice coffee chat this morning. I realized a couple of things while we were talking. Although this time we spend talking doesn’t produce much or help cross items off our do list, it’s probably the most important time of day for us. It starts with scattered chatter, this and that, but if we stay with it, eventually we break through the chatter and sink into some other place.

My goal is the “some other place.” There doesn’t seem to be a way to reach that place except by entering the chatter first.

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