When I Lose My Mind I Like Me Better

Earlier today I had an email from a woman asking if I would be interested in presenting at a women’s retreat this summer. In her note she said that there were other presenters who were doing workshops in grief, suffering, healing, etc, and could I do something a bit light on the mind.

At first I had to reread the email a few times to see exactly what she was asking.

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Grief is Liquid Love

Beside me in the coffee shop is a man who is clearly trying to write a eulogy for someone he cared deeply about. He has a rose in a blue wine bottle, a framed picture of a man, a cinnamon Danish, a cup of coffee and the sports section of a newspaper. Clearly, these things are a way to commemorate his friend. The man in the picture is wearing a blue shirt. He looks vital and bright—full of life. The man sitting beside me is writing in pencil on sheets of lined paper. He stops frequently to wipe his eyes or blow his nose on a napkin.

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Happy Valentines Day

In a couple of earlier posts I talked about how songs can get stuck in my head. This one is the one that used to run through my head when I thought about Milt and our relationship. Today, since it is Valentine’s Day and chocolates or flowers don’t seem to fit the mood, I think I will post these lyrics. I want to stand with You on a Mountain seems to say it all.

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