The Ceremonial Moment

Tonight at 10:00 Milt and I plan to turn of the television and go to bed. I know that doesn’t sound like big news, but it will be, for us, a return to something we used to do but have neglected—a bedtime ritual.

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The Courage to Risk Loving

The Six Human Needs

Certainty (safety)
(The last two represent spiritual needs and all needs create a different meaning. We should find the meaning.)

Those are the notes I made the other night as I was watching an online film of Tony Robbins and Cloe Mandanes. It is taken from what Robbins called “Human Needs Psychology.” Robbins is a well-known personal change coach who, like me, used NLP to get good at reading other people.

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Life, birth, death

Yesterday I got a call from my daughter. She thought she was in labor—but couldn’t be sure. I had agreed to come and take care of her nearly 3-year old son, Kaden during the at home water birth. I had planned to head to Lincoln, NE in a day or two anyway, so I packed my things and headed down the road about 2:30 in the afternoon from St. Paul.

The sun was out and all around the January snow was blindingly white.

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