Construct–and Deconstruct, a way of life

This past weekend we packed up and moved out of our little straw bale cabin and into a two bedroom apartment in Bemidji for the winter.  I’m grateful for the convenience, warmth, and extra space the apartment offers, and yesterday I went to put the cabin back together after the packing and moving.  It was a mess, but it is still one of the loveliest spaces I have ever lived in.  With so much removed, I can return to re-dreaming the space.  What would a loft look like, how can the kitchen be designed, are the doors in the right places?

It occurs to me that we all need to re-dream our original dream sometimes.  And we can only do that by emptying something out so that we can see it differently.  This is true with physical space and interior space.    We become accustomed to our own chaos.  We get used to getting by.  We get comfortable with discomfort.  Doesn’t that seem strange?  When I am with my grandkids I love to play with Legos.  In a moment a mighty tower rises up—and a moment later it falls.  I’m not attached to its height and grandeur so I can just knock it down again.  In life, we could stand to be a little more ruthless.  We should build it up—and knock it down more often.  Be less attached to what we have created so we can create anew the next day.

The Yogis say that the universe was created when Shiva opened his eyes.  And it is gone again when he closes his eyes.  Just that fast.

I’m rambling, but there is a seed thought in here somewhere I am trying to capture.  Maybe I’ll return to this again.  Or let me know your thoughts on construction–and deconstruction–as a way of life!

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