Falling into Autumn

As much as I love the robust energy of summer, fall is probably my favorite season.  You can almost feel the earth taking a deep breath and putting away her stuff for the winter.  I follow her lead.  I find myself winding up hoses, pulling the frosted plants from the ground, picking up small bits of trash and making sure the summer stuff is stashed away.  My life is still a bit more hectic than I would prefer, but I have recently found long hours to wander the land and take in the new air of fall.

In another week we’ll be sleeping in our new bedroom.  I primed the walls today and will paint them a robin’s egg blue tomorrow.  Then move in the dressers, build a closet (at last) and put my pretty new mandala pictures on the wall and settle in.  Both Milt and I are somewhat yearning for the addition to be straw bale instead of standard construction.  The main house house has a cave-like quietness that appeals to the spirit.  I think all of that earth and clay absorbs more than sound–it absorbs stress and sadness and guilt and fear.  But the new room is beautiful and we’ll enjoy the added space immensely. No regrets.

How are you doing, my friends, on these final days of September?  Are you allowing your spirit to unwind?  Are you being gentle with yourself and those around you?  Are you taking care of not just the necessary but the needed?  Are you breathing?  Walking?  Singing?  Dancing?  I am asking myself these questions as I write them.

Last week I did an opening talk at Sister Sojourn, a wonderful women’s day in Mentor, Minnesota.  I only had about ten minutes to speak so I decided to try something that I had never done.  I told the group about hearing Marie Randall speak (a Lakota Elder woman) and how she talked about the way a child’s spirit flied around every day and in order to call their spirits back, we need to use endearing words like my darling girl (boy), dearest one, precious, etc.  So, to start the day of retreat, I had all the women go around the room and use “sweetheart” words with each other . . . good morning my precious one . . . how are you darling . . . so good to see you sweetheart . . . what a treasure you are.  The feeling in the tent was amazing–filled with energy as we all greeted one another as beloved sisters.

When we were seated once again, I then asked each woman there to close her eyes and imagine herself as a ten-year old girl . . . a bit unsure, awkward, a tiny bit scared . . . the future such a murky unknown . . . .

I gave them a moment to really see that little girl who lives inside of them as a constant companion.  And then I told them to pull that little girl very close and use sweetheart words with her . . . oh, my precious girl, you are my heart and my spirit and I care for you always.  You can trust me forever–I will protect and cherish you . . . . you are safe with me.

The vibrating energy of just minutes before swirled and went deeply within.  I don’t think most of us realize how hard on “her” we are.  We make demands, call her stupid when she messes up, expect unrealistic things of her.  To take her into your heart and make a promise to be gentle and loving is a huge commitment.  It means we give her time to grow and learn and play–and we give ourselves time to grow and learn and play.  When the adult you meets the younger you in an energy of love, magic happens.

It was a great exercise–I may have to use it again (like on myself on a daily basis).

Be sweet and peaceful with yourself and others will feel sweet and peaceful around you.


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Falling into Autumn — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for allowing me to fall into your autumn. This was a timely and wonderful piece. We’re heading across the UP today and the beauty of fall is embracing us with clear skies and every shade of red, yellow and green you can imagine.

  2. I just came in from spreading mulch and cleaning up in my flower garden. Shortly I will be out again to walk the woods and soak up “the fall” air and energy. It is my favorite time of year. Your piece inspires me to take “her” on a mindful walk today.

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