How was your week?

Fall leafMy Monday post is coming a bit late this week–almost missed it.  I made a trip to Rapid City, gone for a week, and came home to a frosted garden, yellow leaves on the trees, and a lonesome husband.  Here are the highlights in shorthand.

Long, yellow prairie, dry, dusty, sun-tipped,

Looming Black Hills, Rapid Creek running through.

Sacred place to the Lakota People.

Sacred place to all who live here.

Saturday morning, a walk into the mind, how do we stay our age, find voice, stand strong, move forward, see God in each other, go for the gold.

Saturday afternoon, to craft a life from the raw materials of learning,  suffering, play.

Sunday.  A deep dive into that mysterious place–the soul of the family.

A circle forms, the request, the representatives,

the moving through the knowing field

to find peace, resilience, rest, resolution.

Answers to questions.

Do we cause our own illness?  No

Is a sperm donor a real father?  Yes.

Can India love a missing daughter?  Yes.

Can a symptom be connected to our family or origin?  Yes?

Can we find healing in tears and love?  Yes.

Can we find safety in a room full of strangers?  Yes.

Can we find our core of connection in a room full of strangers?  Yes.

Can we reach out, touch each other across the room?  Yes.

Can we cry together?  Yes.

And then, a cabin in Canyon Lake Park, clients, sunshine,

a frigid dip in the creek,

Supper with family, with friends, with someone new.

A jigsaw puzzle, a cable movie, a good sleep and some bad food.

Get in the car, pick apples, drive home.

Tomorrow–another workshop.

How was your week?



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How was your week? — 6 Comments

  1. My week was full. A very good full. I am on the other end of planning a trip to SD. I will leave the end of this coming week. I am looking forward to: The beautiful Black Hills in the Fall; visiting our family ranch; making the first trip alone to our family cemetery (to honor my big brother). While I am gone, I hope to cry, laugh and learn. I will quickly take care of “Business”
    Then it is truly off to where I call home: Wyoming. I want to help my sister finish moving into her new home. Hopefully, we can laugh, cry and learn a thing or 2 while we are together. I also want to watch my cousin’s kids play in their sports, connect with a few old friends and just enjoy where I grew up. oh yeah and quickly take care of a little “Busy-i-ness”
    Then if time allows and I hope to make it to Colorado. I would love to see friends, watch a ball-game and finish some business. Pretty sure I may also laugh a little, cry a little and learn a little something new.
    I like to learn something each day… My grandmother would always say, “If you learn something new each day, you will have a good night’s rest.” So my version of passing that on to my kids is: Usually a big sigh followed by… (whatever the new thing is) and then I usually say something like: Now I am going to be able to sleep tonight. And the sleeping good part seems to usually work. 🙂
    Hope our path’s cross soon my friend,

  2. Took a look at a lonely place.
    Baked a cheesecake for a dying friend.
    Held that friend in my arms.
    Grieved for my friend that diedon wedesday.
    Filled my heart with the look on my friend’s face when I walked into her room on Tuesday.
    Heard from a young woman that visited in June.
    Going to play today.
    Tomorrow is canning tomatoes and talk about what we will try to grow next year.
    Always moving forward…..Bess

  3. Your week sounds wonderful. Mine, wonderful, but hectic. I’m a speech-language pathologist at a school. The first few weeks are always crazy, but I love the kids and am so grateful to have an excellent job that I love. I’m releasing my first novel on the 20th of September. Lots of work comes with that, but also lots of excitement. Thanks for another good post! ~ Peggy

    • Hi Peggy,

      How exciting to be getting out a first novel. I have one in the wings as well that simply needs a kick in the backside. Good luck and thanks for checking in.

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