Isn’t it amazing?

Today I went out in the bright sun over Puerto Vallarta and swam a few laps in a beautiful pool and then water walked.  We’ve only been here two days, and my feet are sore from walking already.  I’m also feeling a bit homesick.  We have been on the road for over 2 weeks.  I thought ending the sojourn in Mexico would be a nice break from working too much, but instead my mind is back in Minnesota with my new grow light building cold frames and planting tiny little spinach seeds.  What?  Am I crazy?

It seems the older I get the less I need.  I love the small routines of my life.  I love my house—all 400 square feet of it.  I’m dreaming about clay and sand and straw and gardens.

Puerto Vallarta is built around desires.  Everywhere you go people are happy to cater to those desires.  But what if my desires are small and simple to satisfy?  We came this direction this time to meet up with an old friend of Milt’s from high school who lives here.  He is a Zen Buddhist priest and lives a simple life.  We went over to his house today and walking into a place where people meditate on a regular basis, where the air is scented with incense, where the Buddha is the first one you meet coming in the door was just plain sweet.  I liked it so much better than meeting the crowds on busses and in restaurants and tiny shops crammed to the ceiling with stuff.  I got to thinking that maybe rather than playing tourist I should use this time to pull into myself a bit more.  To rest, to swim, to walk, to meditate.

My spirit must have known this was what I was longing for because the only book I brought with me was Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth.  I want to be reminded of what matters in life–the being–and not the doing or having.  Rick also brought us a book written by his Zen master.  I guess the path is clear for me in the coming days.  Pay less attention to a noisy city outside my door and more attention to a silent center that exists within me.

Today we walked out onto the beach for the first time.  The surf was rowdy and the beach nearly empty.  It is so vast, that sea.  And then later, I was walking down the street and looked up to catch a glimpse of the mountains above Puerto Vallarta.  A fog hovered over them.  They are so vast, those mountains.  And even later, I sat alone and consider this human life.  It is so vast, this human life.  Isn’t it amazing?

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Isn’t it amazing? — 4 Comments

  1. I am glad you had the opportunity to visit with Rick and are enjoying your time in Mexico … even if your mind wanders to Spring chores waiting in the colder climate at times. They will still be here when you return. Relax, breathe.

  2. Yep, it’s pretty amazing. And I’m glad we’re here. Today – let’s relax – and wander over to Yelapa – maybe see a whale.


  3. Beautiful, as always. So happy for you in every way–that you see, you feel, you understand, you love. Carry on, dear friend.

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