Love is not Item or Action

A while ago I had an email from a nice woman, Julie Roberts, who also believes that art and creativity are the path to peace.  She is a big thinker, like me, who is audacious and outrageous enough to believe that the simple actions of ordinary people can create peace in the world.  Her site, One World Art, invites contributors to come and hang out together.   Although she just launched it, it is already filled with interesting people doing interesting things.

I know there must be more of us who are foolish enough to believe we have something to contribute.  I think I will start a viral message today that says, “The Bead People kindly request that you lay down your guns, your jealousy and anger, and that you open your wounded heart again so that it can fill with the one thing that really matters—love.”

Love is not item or action.  Love is not even emotion.  Love is the energy that fills the spirit, drives creation, connects one lonely soul to another and, most importantly, makes you feel like smiling again.  Say these words or something like them to one other person today . . . . .

I love you because of your laughter.

I love how you are different from me

and I love how you are the same.

I love the way your hair sits on your head and

that funny way you have

of bending your neck when  you are confused.

I love the way you encourage me

and I love the way you piss me off

in such a way that gets me moving again.

Love is creative—it likes to bring fresh new things into being

It sees a new view on an old canvas.

Love feeds the spirit.  Love feeds.

Watch for my viral message of peace.  If you get it in your email, pass it on.

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