Out Standing in My Field

Jamie Lee--Outstanding in her field

Sometimes in mid-life we have to take a step back and ask ourselves, “What am I doing here?”  I did that this morning and the answer came to me in the form of a picture.  I saw a woman out standing in a beautiful field–the perfect metaphor for my life.

I work hard and learn hard.  When I step into a new field of knowing I stay there grazing until I have taken in all that I can from that particular knowledge body.  And then I move to a new field and begin again.

This has been good for the student learner in me.  I’ve studied human behavior from the fields of psychology, NLP, Structural thinking, Systems thinking, neurological thinking and systemic or family constellation work.

Am I outstanding in my field?

No.  Perhaps I could be if I would just stay in one field.  I roam from one to another.  I move from writer to educator to trainer to coach. I like them all but don’t stay in one place long enough to “establish a platform” as the business and publishing folks like to talk about.  In fact, when I read what it takes to really stand out in any field—diligence, persistence—it always seems like I have to pound the same drum over and over and it doesn’t set well with the wandering learner in me.

I want it all.  I want to write stories with children, teach communications to adults, work in the “knowing field” of Family Constellation Work.  And then I want to step into the totally unknown and magical fields of a new novel.

I’m hopeless as a marketing person.  I have no brand.  I’m bad at tooting my own horn.  I join social networks and disappear a month later.  I have fourteen “interest groups” in my email lists (and suck at contacting any of them on a regular basis.  I forget to ask for the sale or referral .

Now we have moved up here to northern Minnesota and bought ten acres, and I’m literally recreating my reality on a piece of physical property.  I have a berry garden in one field, veggies in another, a straw bale house on another.  Crazy insane.  And then there is that field that has nothing on it but grass and bunnies and I wonder what I could put there—a pretty greenhouse, a root cellar?

On a different note, there is actually a unifying thread to my intellectual promiscuousness.  I care about people.  I have literally worked with thousands of people of all ages to help them find strength and presence, to stand strong wherever they stand.  I like that about me.  I want them to define and create what for them would be “No Ordinary Life.”  I guess that’s not so bad, and I’m pretty good at what I do, but . . .

You could help.  Register for my blog, leave a comment, argue with me, learn with me . . . maybe stretch out with me.




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Out Standing in My Field — 1 Comment

  1. Jamie, the image of a personal knowing field is very freeing. It provides contemplation about what is next. I am one who believes it is just fine to have many interests and talents as you have. Why confine ourselves to a berry patch or a garden when we can enjoy each season with wonder and pleasure. Then there is the aspect of stepping out to share your interests with other people and I have seen first hand how your talents enrich lives. Your willingness to be for others is strengthening my own desire to step out and share my passions for living. Thank you for being a multi-talented person full of life and wonder.

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