Overcoming Overwhelm

Our new Bedroom/Bath addition
I remember when we were kids we used to play so hard in the summer that it was almost a relief when school started in the fall.  I feel a bit like that now.   I am playing and working hard—so is Milt.

The bedroom/bath addition to our house now has framed walls, a floor, and a roof.  As you can see, we have gone with traditional construction for this–bales caused us to loose too much space.   I am impatient and constantly being flooded with move-in energy and move-out energy.  I want my bed and dressers in their own room!  I even bought two pretty nature pictures at Art in the Park for my new walls (when they are done).  And we ordered a gaily painted Mexican sink for the bathroom and looked at flooring today.

There are a thousand little details to be considered plus gardening, berry picking, and the ongoing regular work.  It is easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done.

I am learning some things, though.

  • One person can only do one thing at a time.  Better to do it fully engaged and enjoy the journey without crowding the mind with the next task and the next task and the next.
  • It is important to rest and enjoy sunny days and cool days and even rainy days.
  • It is important to engage the spirit and our creative energies or we become just a drudge to hard labor.
  • Don’t discuss important issues and decisions when you are tired.
  • Stop and see what has been done instead of seeing only what needs to be done.

Earlier today I wandered our land.  The ticks have finally abated, and it was nice to roam and see what was growing here and there.  I have a rather large blueberry patch that doesn’t produce many berries.  I saw three stands of asparagus.  I saw a dragonfly with a blue head.  And raspberries like a slash pile but the slash pile is difficult to navigate.  The earth is beautiful.

We also have four baby robins right beneath my bluebird bottle window on a ledge over the kitchen window.  It also happens to be next to our construction project, so Milt has been taking baby bird feeding breaks to let the parents come in to fill hungry mouths.  It is fun to see their heads straining up, beaks wide open.

Life is good.  Enjoy.

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Overcoming Overwhelm — 4 Comments

  1. Yep, got the roof on today, and Jeff told me a really good idea for keeping the leaks out between the new roof and the old roof! And tomorrow I call the plumber, need to start the electric, wrap the wall s tomorrow, and put the windows in – did you notice that the window on the north side is inside the shower!! Yep, 4′ window in the shower! So cool.

  2. I can’t help but enjoy the metaphor of taking baby bird feeding breaks. The baby bird in all of us needs to take breaks for feeding. Thank you

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