Curriculum of Connection

Today the rain fell steadily all day long.  A year ago Milt (my husband) and I were still trying to add clay plaster to the exterior of our straw bale house.  This winter we are snuggled into a small apartment in St. Paul, MN.  I like it.  I miss being outside most of each day, but it was time to turn inward again.  Maybe that is what winter is for–a chance for us to turn inward, to question, to ask direction.

I can’t seem to decide what kind of a blog or website I want.  I don’t feel like journaling in public anymore.  And I have 35 years of material sitting alone and lonely in files, information gathered that others could make use of.  I think I will turn in that direction–inside out.

I realize that my goals are simple, that my writings are basically a curriculum of connection, how to connect with self, family, strangers, the world, nature . . . so we go there.

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