Pizza–or Peace?

The Bead People on the Go Go

We have just three weeks left on our Indie Go Go fundraiser for The Bead People International Peace Project.  We really need you to step to the front and help us to spread this message of peace.

For just a $25 donation (the cost of a single pizza night), I’m going to send you two (not one) Bead People gift set which includes a Bead Person and an autographed copy of The Wind of a Thousand Years. You can wear one—and give one to a friend (or an enemy). Contribute at whatever level is right for you–we appreciate every penny!  You can actually contribute just a $1 or $5 if you want and we will add you to our Celebrate Peace wall.

Besides doing a series of ten Bead People youth projects up here in Northern, MN, your contribution will also help us print the next 1000 copies of The Wind of a Thousand Years.  To date, 7000 have already gone to 20 countries and we want that number to explode.  Who do you know?

Contribute whatever you can and then get involved by joining us in going global. Run your own projects (we’ll help you by creating the kits), write us a song, send us your story—small actions can have a big impact over time if we work in community.

Hurry.  Time is running out on our campaign.  It was our first attempt to invite others to get on board and we need you.  Click here to visit the campaign page.

The Bead People on the Go Go

We also want you to join our growing community.  You can learn all about The Bead People or read The wind of a Thousand Years at:

Thanks to all of you who have checked in already.  You cannot imagine what it means to me to have people gathering together to talk about how to act in new ways toward creating the world we want.




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