Sacred to me . . . in no specific order

New sacred factoid,

If clay was evenly distributed across the earth it would be 1 mile thick

Clay, sand, rocks, trees,

water, air, earth, fire

you, me, soul mates lost but found

babies to cuddle,

snow glistening on the trees,

the crunch of winter earth beneath my feet,

grandbabies, so many of them, each as precious as any gem,


a warm wood stove, a dry stack of wood,

a house made of straw and clay,

a garden slumbering, waiting for spring,

parents returned to earth but warm and alive in my heart,

siblings—so many of them, each as precious as any gem,

Their children, my children,

My children’s father in the earth but still warm and alive in our hearts,


a game of cribbage with white Russian sitting nearby,

new friends, two Maggies, a Bonnie, their husbands.

a writing studio sitting snow-topped waiting

for my hand on a pen running across new paper as white as new snow.

the land of 10,000 lakes once again my home,

those lakes slumbering beneath thick ice waiting for spring,

an old Ford Escort worthy of a gold medal at 340,000 miles,

a pretty yellow wool blanket, socks on my feet at night.


Jesus and Buddha and Baba and the saints of the world—

so many of them, each as precious as any gem,

a space with kites on the wall waiting for magic to happen,

new bird feeder filled with winter goodies for birds.

the sky wide and blue and cloud studded,

a pink wash to say god night or good night to every day.

tiny Christmas tree blue with lights cut from the land

with a thank you to the many gifts earth provides.


Peace.  The wish of a world filled with food, safety,

health, new generations coming forth,

hearts filled to the brim with wonder

and awe and warmth for all other beings.


a book, a really good book,

a meal, a really good meal,

family, a really good family,

creation, a really good creation,

creation all around . . . creation.


Be still and know that I am God.

Be still and know that I am.

Be still and know.

Be still.



Merry Christmas and may you find all that is sacred in your life today and in this New Year.

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