Sure–we can play

Maggie–you made my day. Hope you don’t mind if I post your fun bit here–and add a bit of my own to it. Maybe some others will come out to play with us.

grouse tracks 

Maggie’s story . . .

The Grouse that Hit My House
by Dr. Spruce . . .

It happened one day . .
First a Bam!!!! then a Bounce
I looked out my window and not far away
I saw two grouse that hit my house
It was my lucky day!

It was my lucky day!
My first real snowy school delay
You ask,” What did I do? ”
Of course, I made a two grouse stew
Not one but two, a two grouse stew.

On my way to school, starting 2 hours late,
I thought about the poor bird’s fate.
But, I smiled when I thought of the joy it brought
To all of the people who share this pot
of yummy for the tummy two grouse stew

Not one but two. A two grouse stew.


I can’t resist having a go at this myself.  Here goes.

She came to the throne, she came on her knees

She answered the call that went out to all

As a matter of fact, she came with the flu

And a nice steaming pot of two grouse stew.


It wasn’t the flu and it wasn’t the stew,

That gave her a fever—or took one away,

It was simply the act, the plain simple fact,

That approaching the great, most marvelous throne

Makes us feel we are human and not just a drone.


We can dance, and sing, make music and play,

Tell stories and dream, spin circles and scream,

because really, yes really,

there certainly, most defintely,

is no other way to the top but to play.


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Sure–we can play — 3 Comments

  1. yes, others will come.
    They will come to have fun.
    We will have fun with out the sun.
    On this cloudy day
    when the snow doth fall
    What will we say?
    What will be our call?

    We will call for peace,
    We will call to hold hands,
    We will call in love across this whole land.

    And we will share this stew
    with all that we knew.
    Because it’s made with not one grouse, but two.

  2. I love the additions to the Grouse that Hit My House. I have never done this kind of word play before. It is really fun. Let’s try this one on for a new twist…..

    A New Kind of Stew

    What a grand way to play
    on a cold winter day
    Call it peace,
    Call it love,
    There is so much to say.

    It starts with an action
    a kind of attraction
    It is real
    It is silly
    a lively connection

    It’s the connection with you,
    friends who like stew
    Who like to play,
    Who like to savor,
    A kind of stew with a special rue

    A rue made of butter, spices and cream
    a gravy unmatched with the zaniest dream
    It has such a flare
    It gives such delight
    This new kind of stew is quite out of sight

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