A New Years Bash to Remember

It started with a rockin’ dance party.

My daughter Nichol cleared the living room of all furniture and taped smooth sheets over the carpet to make dancing easier. She died her blonde hair black and put on a brilliant tie-dye tee-shirt and denim skirt. Her husband Nate cued up the music for the evening and attached speakers to the computer. We blew up balloons. It was a small party, six adults and seven children from one year old to almost fourteen.

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Ten Tips to Keep From Tipping Over

When newborn infants are not gaining strength, we sometimes use the term “failure to thrive.” I’ve never heard the same words used with adults but, in my many years of working with people, I think the critical issue is the same. We suffer from the inability to gain personal strength–a failure to thrive. This month I promised you ten tips to gaining strength as an adult. Rather than pitch and preach, I think I’ll recount my own ten most critical moments and then distill out the “tip.”

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See Me Beautiful, an excerpt

I’ve been revising an earlier book for re-release in July. See Me Beautiful is filled with techniques to take your strength by growing yourself up. Let me know what you think.

See Me Beautiful
In the early eighties when I first began trying to “grow myself up” with this method, I went to a friend’s house one night for supper. Diane was excited and elated because her daughter had just gotten her first period. She’d bought her girl a beautiful present and was planning a nice dinner celebration.

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