A New Years Bash to Remember

It started with a rockin’ dance party.

My daughter Nichol cleared the living room of all furniture and taped smooth sheets over the carpet to make dancing easier. She died her blonde hair black and put on a brilliant tie-dye tee-shirt and denim skirt. Her husband Nate cued up the music for the evening and attached speakers to the computer. We blew up balloons. It was a small party, six adults and seven children from one year old to almost fourteen.

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Oh, dear–Christmas is near.

I don’t want to feel this way. I don’t want to feel caught between the good feelings I have about this sacred season and the tremendous pressure to give, give, give. It’s not that I mind giving, but I can do without the stuff.

Here are the things that I most love to give—and to get:

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What are You Sinking About?

Milt and I had a nice coffee chat this morning. I realized a couple of things while we were talking. Although this time we spend talking doesn’t produce much or help cross items off our do list, it’s probably the most important time of day for us. It starts with scattered chatter, this and that, but if we stay with it, eventually we break through the chatter and sink into some other place.

My goal is the “some other place.” There doesn’t seem to be a way to reach that place except by entering the chatter first.

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