Love is not Item or Action

A while ago I had an email from a nice woman, Julie Roberts, who also believes that art and creativity are the path to peace. She is a big thinker, like me, who is audacious and outrageous enough to believe that the simple actions of ordinary people can create peace in the world. Her site, One World Art, invites contributors

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Silver, a short story

She was named Silver at birth because, when she first opened her newborn eyes, the pupils shone like tiny mirrors. It was as if the area behind the corneas had been silvered and all who looked into her eyes saw first their own reflection.

As you can imagine, Silver was a compliant, agreeable infant who grew into a compliant, agreeable child. By age two, she was able not to just see but to reflect although the silvery glint had lessened.

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How Old are You? Or Becoming Your own White Knight, Part One

How old are you? I must have asked that question to hundreds of clients and workshop participants. When I ask that question, I’m usually trying to decide if the person I’m working with is staying their right age—or if they have drifted and become a much younger version of the self.

Here is the premise. The brain keeps painful moments from earlier ages very present. It is a simple warning mechanismthat tells us to pay attention—a threat is nearby.

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