What are You Sinking About?

Milt and I had a nice coffee chat this morning. I realized a couple of things while we were talking. Although this time we spend talking doesn’t produce much or help cross items off our do list, it’s probably the most important time of day for us. It starts with scattered chatter, this and that, but if we stay with it, eventually we break through the chatter and sink into some other place.

My goal is the “some other place.” There doesn’t seem to be a way to reach that place except by entering the chatter first.

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Self-appreciating is More Than Just Not Beating Yourself Bloody With a Very Big Stick

As part of my goal to learn new things about myself and others this year, I’ve been watching a lot of films online, reading blogs, and finding new research and authors to study. I like it. It feels fresh. The moment I fool myself into thinking I know it all is the moment I should quit teaching.

The first great prize I’ve gotten so far this year I wrote about in my post, “The Courage to Risk Loving.” The second is this. I struggle with self-appreciation or self-confidence.

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The Courage to Risk Loving

The Six Human Needs

Certainty (safety)
(The last two represent spiritual needs and all needs create a different meaning. We should find the meaning.)

Those are the notes I made the other night as I was watching an online film of Tony Robbins and Cloe Mandanes. It is taken from what Robbins called “Human Needs Psychology.” Robbins is a well-known personal change coach who, like me, used NLP to get good at reading other people.

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