When Darkness Falls . . . pay attention

Yesterday was melt-down day.  I had done a workshop the day before but it was a fun, relaxed day and there should have been no reason for me to be so exhausted.  I nodded off through the day, took a … Continue reading

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A Young Soul in an Old Body

Life can be so confusing sometimes. The other day Milt cut my hair for me. (I like it shorter than most beauticians are comfortable with.) Anyway, I looked at the inches of hair falling to the floor and it looked … Continue reading

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See Me Beautiful

It’s Easter Sunday. I feel like letting my mind drift back in time to all the Easter Sundays of my life. It’s funny because the first thoughts that come up are all about pretty new dresses, starched little bonnets, white gloves, shiny white tights and even shinier white shoes—a little girl’s favorite thing—new clothes. My mind could have gone to memories about lent, fasting, doing the rosary on our knees in front of the couch, fish on Fridays, long masses . . . .

But what I remember most is feeling pretty.

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