I don’t Need You to Like Me . . .

I wrote this about a month ago. Unfortunately, I needed to hear it for myself today, so I am posting it now. Those who know me will understand.

A fresh week, a fresh day, and of course, fresh snow. Everything today feels fresh.

I have been thinking about the many things I keep inside of me without allowing full expression. At first I thought it was just the unspoken things, the sharp truthful stuff.

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The Ceremonial Moment

Tonight at 10:00 Milt and I plan to turn of the television and go to bed. I know that doesn’t sound like big news, but it will be, for us, a return to something we used to do but have neglected—a bedtime ritual.

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Self-appreciating is More Than Just Not Beating Yourself Bloody With a Very Big Stick

As part of my goal to learn new things about myself and others this year, I’ve been watching a lot of films online, reading blogs, and finding new research and authors to study. I like it. It feels fresh. The moment I fool myself into thinking I know it all is the moment I should quit teaching.

The first great prize I’ve gotten so far this year I wrote about in my post, “The Courage to Risk Loving.” The second is this. I struggle with self-appreciation or self-confidence.

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