When is Enough Enough?

I’ve done some amazing things in my life. I’ve written books, helped produce over 70 public radio documentaries, worked on a film doc, and had three babies and 8 grandbabies. Then why then do I continually feel like it isn’t enough? It’s a core crazy-making questions that continues to drive me. If my do list has thirteen items on it and twelve of them have a pink highlighter slashed through them (done!)—I see only that unlucky thirteenth item.

I have a “yes but,” pattern running in my programs, and it’s beginning to tick me off.

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When I Lose My Mind I Like Me Better

Earlier today I had an email from a woman asking if I would be interested in presenting at a women’s retreat this summer. In her note she said that there were other presenters who were doing workshops in grief, suffering, healing, etc, and could I do something a bit light on the mind.

At first I had to reread the email a few times to see exactly what she was asking.

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Silver, a short story

She was named Silver at birth because, when she first opened her newborn eyes, the pupils shone like tiny mirrors. It was as if the area behind the corneas had been silvered and all who looked into her eyes saw first their own reflection.

As you can imagine, Silver was a compliant, agreeable infant who grew into a compliant, agreeable child. By age two, she was able not to just see but to reflect although the silvery glint had lessened.

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