When Stars CAN Shine . . .

I spent part of yesterday observing¬†one of the coolest and most simple ideas in the world of peacemaking.¬† Before I tell you about my day, think about it–who do you think benefits most from learning to communicate, to manage an … Continue reading

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A Young Soul in an Old Body

Life can be so confusing sometimes. The other day Milt cut my hair for me. (I like it shorter than most beauticians are comfortable with.) Anyway, I looked at the inches of hair falling to the floor and it looked … Continue reading

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When Spirit Crashes Through . . . agree

This morning I sat down at my little desk to assemble 50 Bead People gift sets that will be making a trip to Italy next month to take part in an international spiritual walk. Every time I play with these little people assembled from the rag tag jewelry I collect at yard sales, thrift stores, or generous bead donations, I am amazed at all of the people they have touched. Earlier this month my friend Gaydel sent me a picture of a little Bead Person hanging from the handlebars of a bicycle on its way to New Delhi, India.

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