Self-appreciating is More Than Just Not Beating Yourself Bloody With a Very Big Stick

As part of my goal to learn new things about myself and others this year, I’ve been watching a lot of films online, reading blogs, and finding new research and authors to study. I like it. It feels fresh. The moment I fool myself into thinking I know it all is the moment I should quit teaching.

The first great prize I’ve gotten so far this year I wrote about in my post, “The Courage to Risk Loving.” The second is this. I struggle with self-appreciation or self-confidence.

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My Very First Blog Post and Meeting Leon

I was wandering through old blog posts and found the very first one I ever wrote. It was when I was just beginning to write Washaka–The Bear Dreamer. I can’t resist posting it again here.

July 4, 2005

It is Independence Day in the US of A, and I have never written a blog post before. I don’t want to tell you what I ate for breakfast or bore you with my gardening feats,

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The Circle is Unbroken

Just before Christmas, a young client of mine came in for a session and brought me a beautiful beaded Christmas tree ornament. I was so excited about it that she offered to show me how to make one. “I have the stuff in my car,” she said. She did know that I had my own private stash of beads tucked unceremoniously away waiting for the time when I could take up what seemed like such a frivolous hobby. I love beads

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