This golden heart, these gentle hands

I just finished doing a two-day workshop in Rapid City, SD.  I’m tired but happy with the weekend.  The first day we spent looking deeply into our own patterns, working with how we put our thoughts and strategies together.  I feel as though all of my many and scattered life paths are emerging in some new way.  I wanted to lead the charge to personal strength and presence.   The group was amazing—so willing to follow me down these diverse paths to re-emerge on the other side knowing more about why we do the things we do and how to do them even better.

And the second day—today–was equally strong.  I’m continually stunned by the depth of the human experience—the way we love, grieve, yearn, reach, envision.  The way we gently reach out to the person next to us to offer our help and our hearts.  We take the most painful experiences and we pound them into shiny things like a jeweler making a beautiful golden pendent. And then we wear the piece both humbly and with pride.   I have absolute respect and admiration for the willingness of people to walk into a roomful of strangers and to take risks and invite others into their reality in order to make change possible.  I wish that I could share this experience with everyone who yearns to see a kinder and gentler world.

The constellation work is so inexplicable.  Today was especially mysterious.  Almost none of the participants had even seen the work, and yet they stood in this “knowing field” representing other peoples’ family members and did so with heart and warmth and spirit.  Instant experts.  There were tears and laughter and lunch and . . . love.

How did I get fortunate enough to be allowed to do this work?   Thanks to any of you who attended who may pop onto this site.


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This golden heart, these gentle hands — 8 Comments

    • Hi Maggie,

      It was really sweet. You would have enjoyed being there. The first day was quite different and enervating. We’ll have to do one up north.
      I am also looking forward to our return–and for spring?

  1. Jamie – you have been gifted to lead others into mystery and knowing. The world needs you and your gift. Thank you for sharing it with so many. Leanne

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