Today . . . a good day to love

Mackenna shoveling snow.

This morning I woke up in an over-sized king bed (not mine) with a two-year old snuggled up on my right and a 4-year old snuggled up on my left.  I was a little warm but was so caught up and entranced by the soft lines of their faces, the gentle breathing, the fact that these two little ones are connected to me through all time by blood, by my body, by the ongoing lives of my children and their children.  We have made a tribe.

Last night we feasted with shrimp and tofu (a family favorite–lots of garlic and butter) with my other daughter and her six children.  We told stories, caught up with each other, played games, ate good food and had such a wonderful time.  My two oldest grandsons have become teenagers with deepening voices and inches taller than I am.  Amazing.

I don’t know.  I am counting my blessings today.  I am in love today, grateful to have had a full week here being at times totally overwhelmed by the unaccustomed endless tasks of caring for small children, and at other times just . . . well, in love.

As much as I enjoy the quiet life we have created in our little house up north, I relish these times.

Sometimes when we come it feels like Milt is along on a duty call only.  He has surprised me this trip.  Last night he was so funny he had the boys laughing at his jokes and demeanor, and this morning he got Kaden off to school with a gentle hand and voice worthy of any good daddy or granddaddy.

Next, off to Rapid City to do workshops.  On Saturday I’ll be working with people to help them craft a future that shines, and on Sunday I’ll be doing Family Constellation Work–helping people to find what shines within the family of origin.  Ahh, the tribes we have created.  Sometimes crazy, sometimes overwhelming, but always flowing hidden and deep like an underground river.  It carries us along.


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Today . . . a good day to love — 2 Comments

  1. I am so struck by the warm images and deep connectedness of your words Jamie. Lately I have been thinking about my younger brother Jim who died 2 years ago. We shared the same genetic disease, unfortunately he did not know that he had this condition. He smoked and drank, so the the disease ultimately took his life. Because of his genetic testing, I now know that I share the same condition and it has given me a new closeness to Jim that I did not share previously. I feel like I was given more life. Family constellations are incredible. We each are born into a tribe of common genes, blood, body. To understand the family influences is to understand ourselves.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

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