Top Ten Reasons to Get Out of the Berry Patch



What is a woman to do when summer peaks and the forests are full of blueberries and you have a berry strong obsession?

Grab a bucket and go to the woods. Dave Letterman likes his top ten lists.  Most of them I can’t relate to, so I decided to write a list that means something to me personally.

Top Ten Reasons To Get Out of the Berry Patch

10.  Your bucket is full

9.  Your teenie weenie freezer is full.

8.  You begin to see more mosquitoes than berries.

7.  You capture a deer fly in your armpit and he stings you twice.

6.  You have to pee but you have no paper

5.  You should have been at work an hour ago

4.  There are so damn many berries that you couldn’t possibly pick them all—no challenge left.

3.  You go to stand up straight and your back won’t straighten.

2.  You go to sit down and your sitter won’t sit.

1.  You hear a growl and suddenly understand why they put a “bear” in berry.

All but #1 have been my recent experience.  Just having some fun tonight.

But really, on a more serious note, are two gallons of wild blueberries enough or should I keep picking?



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Top Ten Reasons to Get Out of the Berry Patch — 4 Comments

  1. Oh……just keep picking, cause you will use them all up before winter in pies, smoothies, scones, and muffins. You can NEVER have enough blueberries. And you can always buy another freezer !!! I’ve found blueberries in my freezer from 1998. As long as you can stand the other 9 and don’t encounter #1, you’re free to pick, pick, pick. And it’s nice to have a partner (Milt) to carry on a conversation with while you pick and the bounty is twice as good. ♥

  2. I love that Jamie is a berry berry good picker, and that I’m a berry widower. But to tell the truth, I would last about 5 minutes in the patch and make Jamie too nervous for me to be out there with her. This is much better. You just keep picking, baby! Love it madly.

  3. KEEP PICKING! I am absolutely obsessed with blueberry picking. We have picked about 6-7 gallons this year already. I enjoy bringing friends and family with and a lot of times I “donate” what I have picked to them. I love trading our berries for wild rice or fish, depending on what the other party has to swap. It is so peaceful in the woods and I can’t wait to get back out there again.

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