Waiting for Baby

My son Tom and his wife Erica are in the hospital expecting their first child. They live in Denver, CO and I am tucked up into Northern MN feeling frustrated that I can’t be there at this moment.  His sisters and I are all on baby watch waiting to hear news.  They chose not to learn the sex of the baby early so we are excited to hear the news.

I know that babies have made it through that little tunnel for thousands of years, but still, each time one of my children give birth, I am in this state of suspension waiting, wanting all to go well, praying for health and wellness for all.

Just for fun, I think I will post the little story I wrote for Tom and Erica’s wedding.  The children acted it out in a little play during the ceremony.  It was great fun.

Tom and Erica’s Garden

Once upon a time there was a handsome young man named Thomas and a pretty young woman named Erica who decided that together they would plant the most beautiful garden ever.  They did not want ordinary things in their garden, but lovely, life-giving things.

They had known each other for many years and the decision to grow a garden together took careful planning.  They decided that, to be fair, each one would decide what seeds they would plant in their garden.

Both Thomas and Erica thought for a long, long time about what would make their garden the most beautiful garden in the world.

Finally, the soil was rich and ready and the time to plant had come.  Together they went to the tilled, dark earth.

Thomas said, “You go first.”

Erica felt shy about the seeds she had in her hand and hoped Thomas wouldn’t laugh when she showed them to him.  Erica said, “No, you go first.”

Now Thomas was big and brave and knew he must take the first risk.  He held his hand out and showed her the seed in his hand and said, “This is my love for you.  I plant it today so that it will grow strong and tall and give you much nourishment.”

Erica had tears in her eyes—and no longer felt shy.  She smiled and held out her hand and said, “This seed is very important to me.  It is trust.  I must have your trust, and you may have mine, and together we will take care of this fragile little plant.”

Thomas agreed that her choice was an excellent one.  He offered her his next seed and said, “And this one is important to me.  It grows joy and fun, and I hope that we will have an abundant crop.”

Erica had to smile at that one.  They had already grown a great deal of joy and she knew they would have more.  Now it was her turn again.  “Here in my hand is the seed that grows gentleness.  When we harvest this crop, we will do it together.  I’ll be gentle with you—and ask you to be gentle with me.  It is a tender little plant that must not be crushed.”

Thomas nodded solemnly.  “Yes.  It must not be crushed.”

The rest of the seeds were planted quickly.  They had seeds of prosperity, of faith and connection and family, and three entire rows of sweetness and beauty.  They knew that the rains would come and the winds would blow, that there would be dark days and sunny, bright days.  They promised one another that whatever the weather—they would take care of the garden.

In the weeks and years to follow they took good care of the garden giving it water and food and sunshine.  They knew that with love and care the roots would grow stronger . . . and stronger

One by one the plants begin to sprout.  Together they watched as each of their seeds began to grow . . . and grow . . . and grow . . . and grow.

Soon it truly was the most beautiful garden ever.  And every time it rained there were rainbows.


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