Watching seeds sprout and grow . . .


It seems to be everywhere, this sprouting and growing.  Today my family gathered (30 plus) at my brothers for Easter dinner and there were children everywhere.  The teens and almost teens, one little one still  in arms, two toddlers (not to mention us old ones) and I realized my clan continues to grow.  I love to see this whole new generation coming into being.  It’s very cool.

And last week I took some steps to have our Many Kites Learning Center seed and sprout–a healing arts group, a workshop, some gatherings . . . and I met some amazing people with such a desire to contribute to a gentler, more conscious, more earth-loving world.

And Friday we had word from a college in Southern Maryland that they are expanding our textbook, Tools for Writing into 16 sections over three campuses.

And then last Saturday the North Country Youth Radio kids went on the air with their second show–and did such an amazing job.

And on Wednesday a teacher from Rapid City wrote to tell me that her high school class built 75 Bead People and sent them to students in Japan.

And of course, I have set up my little greenhouses under grow lights in my east window and there are tomatoes and peppers and flowers and spinach sprouting and reaching for more light.

Most (if not all) living things reach for light.  That seems to be a simple truth.  We want expansion, growth, emergence, strong stems, sturdy legs, eyes wide open.

Spring is in the air.

Grace is in the air.

Life is good.

A great teacher once told us that the two wings of a conscious and wonderful life are grace and self-effort.  At this moment in time I am feeling the lift beneath my wings from those two forces.  And I am grateful.

I hope that you are reaching for the light, that you are sowing great seeds of thought, belief, action and that your two wings are poised for flight.



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Watching seeds sprout and grow . . . — 3 Comments

  1. Yep,
    It’s been a pretty great time. Wow there were so many folks there, and the food was wonderful. All home made, all delish. Now we just need a week or two of 60 degree days and we’ll be all set. Oh, and some cribbage.


  2. Dearest Jamie,
    I just returned from Minnesota looking for land for my sisters and Kathy to live. Your little box of Bead People books awaited me. Thanks. My sister and I had get fun looking at land and talking about what awaits us all.
    Love ya, Bess

    • Hi Bess,
      How exciting! Did you get any leads? I thought you were thinking Wisconsin? My daughter and her family are moving to Eau Claire this summer. Email me sometime with more details on your search. Hi to Kathy!

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