What are your intentions?

I had a nice break.  Staying warm, ginger and lemon tea, jigsaw puzzles and Ted Talks, cribbage, family and friends, good food, rest, a new light in my bedroom ceiling.

the ladiesIn between my “breaks” I’ve been thinking so much about how people get to where they want to go.  Watching a dozen Ted talks on education only reinforces my belief that there is something powerful and hot in human beings that makes us just want to create.  When stuff keeps us from doing that, we get unhappy and ornery.  When the creative force is blocked completely, we become evil.  When we are kept from our creative process for two long, we get depressed and think something is wrong with us.  That is my simple take on things.

The question is how to enter the space of the creative?  Here is the crazy thing.  We drift in and out of it each day.   Besides sex and procreation, human beings are programmed to do two things as naturally as we breathe–learning and creating.

Today I was playing with my little bead people play figures and was trying to demonstrate for Milt (on film) how it is that something can come to mind out of nowhere and we suddenly want to create that thing.  It might be as simple as a nice meal, a loaf of bread, or as complex as a novel, a business, a straw bale house or world peace.  The brain doesn’t really care what we “put our minds to.”  It just jumps to attention.  Or maybe more succinctly–it jumps to “intention.”

Intention is the first glow of creation.  We want to solve a problem, make something beautiful, fashion something out of nothing.  Once an intention is formed we have to bring that vision of what we want to do/create in close enough to see its details but not so close that it overwhelms us.

The very cool part is that learning to make the best use of our creative, dynamic urge is a skill that we can learn just like we learn to cook a great meal.  We take it apart bit by bit and then set achievable smaller goals that lead to the greater goal.  Over the next few weeks, I’m planning to explore this here more fully–and I’d like to invite you to join me in conversation, with comments.    What do you do to find a vision of what you want and then how do you bring it about?  What steps do you take?  What gets in your way?

Or better yet, lets join one another in setting a new path to creating together.

It could be a very good year if we just form that intention and begin to walk a path toward what we want.

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What are your intentions? — 6 Comments

  1. Yep, it’s true. I am always amazed at how excited our minds get when they contemplate something new. It just amazes me. “OHHHH look at this!! Something new!! CAN’T WAIT!”

  2. I like your thoughts on this, Jamie. I’m not big on participating in groups, but I’ll be anxious to hear your group’s ideas. Thanks.

  3. Or ……..–it jumps to “INVENTION.” I’m so grateful to be part of a most creative, intentional, inventional family! Although I think I’m too busy being creative to take time to participate in the group. 🙂

  4. I have a similar experience as Teri I have good intentions and then more ideas pop into my head and I derail my initial intention. At this point in time my intention is to support my daughter by taking care of your daughter. I also intend to start re-think my home with Dave and begin fixing and making things new, new colors, textures, delight.
    Jamie you and Milt have inspired this for me.
    I will be calling you soon.

  5. Hi Jamie
    This sound like a Fritz/NLP revival class. Great tools that are only useful to me if I use them and make good habits. Thanks for the reminder!
    Love to All

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