What Do I Know?

During my breaks from grandkids I have been sitting around my favorite Lincoln, NE coffeeshop.  The Meadowlark is friendly, has lots of space and great coffee.  They also have five shelves full of books.  If you are in the mood, you can just go and take one.  Yesterday I picked up an old book by Jess Stearn called Edgar Cayce—The Sleeping Prophet.  The copy right is 1967.

Cayce was born in 1877 and died in 1945.  For those of you who may have never heard of the man, he was  a psychic with uncanny abilities to diagnose health issues, suggest remedies, and see both behind us and ahead of us.  He was considered to have predicted the coming of both World Wars.  There is a lot of information out there about the man—he confounded and confused many people with his abilities.  But what was most interesting to me as I read the early chapters was that he confounded and confused himself.  He had the equivalent of a sixth grade education, was a devout Christian, and when he discovered this “gift” he had little or no trust in it.   He was terrified of harming others, was devoted only to helping, and for the most part remained in poverty his entire life.  If he or others gained from his gift, it would give him severe headaches and other problems.

How did he do it?  To his knowledge, he would simply “fall asleep” and tune into some greater voice that gave him all the information he needed to do his work helping others.  Others would dictate his words and pass them on.  Cayce didn’t really “believe” in his gift—he simply discovered it.

The question that comes to my mind as I read about his early life is, “What is it that I can do that I may not know I can do.”  Isn’t that a good question?  Most of us follow the baby steps of our own path, seeing maybe a foot or two ahead of ourselves, but do we ever ask the question I posed above?  What can I possibly know or do that I may not know I can know or do?  Wild.

Naturally, I think about Constellation Work.  It feels like this work really does tap into some larger network of knowing that is beyond what my mind can understand.  One time I was  working with a woman who had been badly sexually abused in her life.  We were in the middle of the constellation and the woman who was representing my client had curled onto hands and knees on the floor.  It was almost as if she was waiting for the next blow.  Or she reminded me of one of those tiny bugs who curl up when you touch them.  I was standing in this energetic field with no conscious thought about what I should “do” with what was being presented.  I walked over to the woman who was curled up on the floor and with my forefinger, I touched her head and toppled her over.  It was a gentle movement—and not a movement I had ever heard about or read about within the knowledge base of Family Constellation Work.  But when I made that movement, something in the client’s system opened up and released.  It was palpable.  Whatever had been holding her in such a tight, confined space was released.

In a way, I would like to curl my own body up on the floor that way and let some unknown finger tap my head, roll me over, and show me more of what my life could be about.  I have none of Cayce’s abilities (that I know of) but I sense there is something so much bigger and wider and more open available to me—to us– if  we could just improve our sight/hearing/feeling senses to take it in.  I guess I must first consider that there is more that I already know that I have not yet discovered.  That intrigues me.

What Cayce discovered in his unusual healing work, and what I have learned from Milt’s study of Jin Shin Jyutsu, is that all disease processes are caused by congestion.  Something that was flowing has stopped up.  This is also true in Family Constellation Work.  And I think of the focus I have had these past few years to clear the clutter from my life—and what is clutter but a physical manifestation of congestion?

That sounds like a good goal for 2011.  What do I not know that I know?  How can I come into view of that?


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  1. Cool. I like – it’s a real question isn’t it? I think much of what has happened in the past 3 years has come from clearing. So…let’s do some more!! What could be better?

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