When Flowing is Knowing

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I am always curious about flow. What mysterious energies create that feeling of being in synch with everything around you—and what mysterious energies create that feeling of swimming upstream? Yesterday I felt like I was walking in mud. A meeting I had left me zapped. I needed a nap at 3:30. I had to force myself to walk outside and re-engage with my life in early evening. In my studio I stared at an empty screen and finally gave up and played solitaire.

Today, flow was back. I woke up feeling aligned with the greater energies somehow. I was accepted as a presenter at the fall MNADE conference. I got a new contract to write viewers guides for Vision Maker Media, and my second meeting (with the same people as yesterday) flowed and was productive. And I picked a handful of ripe tomatoes and did two loads of mud plaster.

So weird. Whatever energies are flowing around us are real. I no longer even try to attach language to whatever is driving flow, but I’m sure curious. I think if only I could capture its essence and stay in flow every single day, wouldn’t that be wonderful? But I suspect that flow is something that can’t really be “captured.” I remember many years ago reading The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castenada. I was really taken by Don Juan’s description of how we can move our “assemblage point” to different parts of our bodies and as a result can have very different experiences. Without understanding this at all, it made perfect sense to me.

There is something surrounding us that I simply can’t explain or understand with my mind. It enters the realm of the unknowable. In fact, I actually distrust somebody who is too quick to explain it all in human terms. Past Lives. Akashik Records. Karma. Shakras. Animal totems, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Depression, Alpha Waves, etc.

I think we humans just feel more comfortable if we have some logical way to explain what doesn’t make sense to the brain/mind.

But the body knows. The body knows when rhythms are clicking and tapping together. The body knows when a nap is the only solution. The body knows when a relationship or situation is toxic to the spirit. The body knows.

sun dogsPerhaps one of the saddest developments of the past two thousand years is that we have come to rely more on the brain/mind than on the five senses or the body. Don’t get me wrong—I, as much as anybody, love the relationship I have with my brain/mind. We have a lot of fun together. We hang out and sling ideas around like old buddies. But there is a limit to what the brain/mind can do in terms of reading the subtler realms.

Reading the subtler energies, where flow and synchronicity take place, require periods of silence, introspection and reflection. They require a quiet mind and stillness. Time moves more slowly in this place. Perhaps time doesn’t exist at all—just pulse and echo and rhythm. I remember seeing this once and I have since stolen it and used it for my own well-being.

Be still and know that I am God

Be still and know that I am

Be still and know

Be still


One of the reasons that I love when the hectic pace of summer slides into fall is that I can feel a change in the Earth’s energies. She is not so frantic, not so busy growing and blooming and ripening. She grows quiet and begins to pull all of that wild energy back inside. She is making ready for the next spiral of life and death and growth and birth. Wow—isn’t She amazing?

Time for me to return to morning pages? To quiet time and reflection? Yes.

I’m curious—what do you do to bring that state of stillness and quiet to your life? Do you do it often enough? What keeps you from doing what you know will take you into this gentle realm?

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When Flowing is Knowing — 4 Comments

  1. Going for a drive and talking with my husband. Going to the quietest camping site I can find and just being. Sitting down to my sewing machine.
    The expectation of achievement, doing more, having more money, having more things keeps me from being in this place but I am working on that. Nice to start my day with you Jamie. Always love your writings.

  2. I don’t get to stillness easily, but doing art calms me as does driving. I enjoyed starting my day today with your thoughts. Thanks, and I look forward to more.

  3. I wonder if it’s flow when I quietly, in stillness, watch people walking or driving by and have a feeling–a flow of feeling/appreciation/wonderment going through me and filling me–of the nature of humans, so many of them, of us, so many similarities and so many differences yet all of us in the same human family. Seeing this, taking this in fills me; it feels like peace and serenity are flowing through me.

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