When Spirit Crashes Through . . . agree

This morning I sat down at my little desk to assemble 50 Bead People gift sets that will be making a trip to Italy next month to take part in an international spiritual walk.  Every time I play with these little people assembled from the rag tag jewelry I collect at yard sales, thrift stores, or generous bead donations, I am amazed at all of the people they have touched.  Earlier this month my friend Gaydel sent me a picture of a little Bead Person hanging from the handlebars of a bicycle on its way to New Delhi, India.

Let me tell you more of that story. Gaydel found to cyclists from France hunkering down during a tremendous Wyoming windstorm.  Evidently, they couldn’t ride and they couldn’t hide.  Gaydel (with her enormous heart) loaded bikes and riders into her car (along with her dog, Maxie) and took them back to her ranch to spend the night.  During the evening she introduced them to The Bead People.  They had some fun building their own and read the story, The Wind of a Thousand Years.  They thought that was especially appropriate given their own recent encounter with the mighty wind.

The next day the Bead People got wired to the handle bars of their bikes and off they went.  The couple was on a mission to bike around the world.  Their recent email update to Gaydel (along with the picture) said that they had traveled 19,000 miles so far.  So, the Bead People hitchhiked the distance with them from Wyoming to India.  Her friends wrote, “We can’t forget you because we have still your small ” poupée. ” Look they are with us in India! They are not so clean as they were, but it is normal after a so long travel overseas!”

What is it about these little travelers that people—me included—find so fun and appealing.  I can’t think of any of my creative projects that have given me more pleasure than The Bead People International Peace Project.  Although they are inanimate, they seem to be infused with spirit and the celebration of our common humanity.  I am losing count of how many have gone to how many countries now.  I usually say 7000 to over 35 different countries, but it is probably much more.  This summer alone they have gone to Boys and Girls clubs, women’s retreats, conferences, churches and, of course, a long bike trek.

Do you think that sometimes pure spirit manages to crack through the crust of daily life to bring us something special?  I think it does.  What do you think is trying to come through you at this moment?  Are you listening?  Tuned in?  Ready to carry it forward and out into the world?  If you aren’t sure, you could do a Bead People project in your community or country and see what kind of magic unfolds for you.

The world could use a little more spirit in action.

What can I say?  I love the Bead People.


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