Who is God and How Can I Make Money?

I’ve been working in the back rooms of this blog trying to learn something about the blogging world.  I am inundated with new terms like widgets, plugins, SEO and such.  Learning this is very difficult for me—much different than just sitting down with a nice pen and a clean page and writing.  But, I’m interested in learning how to reach the people who care about the same things that I care about. 

This led me down an interesting path called Google Keyword Search.  I got so fascinated that I lost one whole work session just trying to see what people really care about—what do they ask?  I imagine people like you and me sitting in dim rooms late at night with our biggest questions looming and no one to ask them to. 

I can’t resist sharing this with you—so here is a fun test based on my actual keywords search.  Below is a list of phrases or questions and to the right is a list of numbers.  The numbers represent the numbers of people across the globe who have searched on this term in a single month.  I’ve mixed them up so you have to decide which figure belongs with which phrase.  Pretend it is a matching game like we used to do in elementary school.   I’ll give you the results below.

   Keywords                            Number

Who is God?                                6,120,000                                          

Global peace                                                91

How can I make money?               90,500

How can I change my life?             60,500

How can I change my life for the better?     55,600,000

How can I change my life for the better with no money?     1,600


How did you do?  I was particularly entertained by the last three that showed up one after the other.

This exercise was an eye-opener for me.  We tend to think the rest of the world thinks like we do—cares about the same things we do.  This is just not always true.  Our lives are constantly shaped by both the forces outside of us and the forces inside of us.  I like to think that we have more choice than we realize.  I’ve been accused (are you listening, Dana?) of being fairly optimistic about it all.  It isn’t that I am a true optimist—I just like to choose what to care about and try to let the small (or the overwhelming) things slide away.  I think this just may be the one thing that makes us humans different than the animals—we get to choose the direction of our thoughts. 

Here are the results of the test.  You’ll be happy to know that I am not grading you.   

Who is God?      55,600,000

Global peace       60,500

How can I make money?      6,120,000                                          

How can I change my life?     90,500

How can I change my life for the better?     1,600

How can I change my life for the better with no money?      91

So what did I learn from this?  I’ll still try to clean up the back rooms of my blog, but I care more about finding friends than followers, community rather than “traffic.”  I won’t find millions—but I’ll write to an audience of one.  I can’t seem to resist a pen and a blank page, and then I can’t seem to resist wanting to share it.  In the end, the best way for me to build my blog is just to ask you to share it with one other friend who thinks and wonders and asks the same questions that we do.  I’m content with that. 

On New Year’s morning I woke up and wrote these words, “Suppose that while you were sleeping, the world was made new.  There were no more wars, all bellies were full, and the water sources across the world ran clear and fresh.  It was now a world where people knew that to care about each other, the sky and the earth, the animals and the plants . . . was a sacred act.  And that was what had made the world new.” 

I am a foolish girl to imagine such a thing really happening—but a girl can dream. 

Oh, and on the day after Christmas I woke up and wrote these words.

                ‘Tis the day after Christmas

                 and all through the house

                are fat chubby beings,

                including the mouse.

Thought I would end on a light note.  Hope you are having a great beginning to this new year.   If you enjoy my bits and pieces, be sure to subscribe below with your email address or hit the RSS feed button at the top. 






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  1. “Accused” seems a bit harsh. Of course I’m listening, and I would have bet that it’s your choice of what to care about. I’m glad there are people that can do what you do. You also offer faith that there is hope for the world, and thank you. Those of us with the jaundiced eye of pessimism are secretly, whole heartedly, hoping it’s so. The barrage of injustice is weighing. – Dana

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