You are Invited To Help Create World Peace!

The Bead People International kindly request your presence at the making of a new world where people celebrate their differences instead of fighting over them. To attend this event, you are asked to check your coat and the following items at the door:

  • Guns, knives, and fists
  • Generational mistrust or pain
  • The closed off heart
  • All self-righteousness
  • Your small child view of the world

We look forward to seeing you at this special event–it may take a decade or two. Black tie not required. Politicians may attend if they comply to the above requests.

To accept this invitation please visit and register on our site. Send this to ten people in the next 24 hours. Nothing special will happen to you–and nothing terrible–but it will make you smile for maybe ten seconds.

Please feel free to cut and paste this message and send it to others or to make a donation for our summer campaign, visit


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